Solar Panel Cleaning

We will also clean for you solar panels installed on your house roof

Why solar panel cleaning is

Lets see together, why cleaning is so important!

Regular cleaning of solar panels is important to maintain their efficiency and maximize energy production.

Recommended frequency for cleaning solar panels

Solar panels should be cleaned at least twice a year or more frequently in dusty or polluted areas to ensure optimal performance.

Price calculator

Number of panels
Number of floors
Roof angle

Solar panel cleaning process


Planning (we need to know the complexity of the work - the area, height and angle of inclination on which the panels are installed)


Work price approval


Cleaning the panels from the top layer of water pollution and bringing down the temperature of the panels themselves


Applying a special cleaner for solar panels


Cleaning solar panels


Removing the remaining moisture from the panels

What do We use for cleaning

15 Euro / 5 Liters
PV Clean
Using PV Clean to clean solar panels can be an effective way to improve their performance by removing dirt, dust and debris.
Cleaning the panels with this tool makes it possible not to use high water pressure during the washing process, which is safer for the panels themselves.
However, it's important to take proper safety precautions and follow the manufacturer's guidelines.
If done correctly, cleaning your solar panels with PV Clean can be an excellent way to maintain their efficiency and prolong their lifespan.

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